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How it Works

My.Future provides Club staff and members with the ability to develop strong, grounded digital literacy competency through project-based learning experiences. Members produce portfolios of projects and present their projects to earn digital badges. Digital badges can unlock exciting Club technology or leadership opportunities. 

For Members
Check out the projects under Building, Exploring and Communicating and choose the ones that excite you most! Have you ever wanted to learn how to change web pages (X-Ray Goggles) or learn how to juggle (learn something new)? Have you ever broken a code (Cracking Codes, Part 1) or seen just how many planes are flying above the United States at a single time (visualizing data)? Complete a certain number of projects to earn a digital badge that you can keep, share online and that can unlock awesome opportunities at your Club. Talk to your favorite Staff member for more information! 

For Staff 
Sign in to the Staff Portal to learn how the program works. Start by reading the short Facilitator's Guide and completing the helpful Planning Guide to determine how the technologies you have will work with My.Future. Of course, we know that your Club could have a lot of great, new, fast technologies, or that you may have a slower Internet connection. My.Future has been designed with everyone in mind, and will work just about anywhere. What's most important, really, is that you understand and communicate My.Future as a way to help your members gain a solid, broad grounding in digital literacy, as a means to help your members identify what about technology their most passionate about, and as a way to help propel members down self-led interest pathways that enable them to develop deep expertise over time. 

For Clubs and Organizations
This is a great time to think carefully about the future of technology education at your club. No matter the devices and the Internet connections that your Club or Clubs have, My.Future will help members gain a solid grounding in digital literacy. This solid grounding, for which you can issue your members digital badges, can be used as a way to create gateways to opportunity. For example, does the My.Future Intermediate badge and successful completion of NetSmartz become an entry to accessing computers for an unsupervised hour? Or does an Advanced badge unlock access to the Wifi password? The learning experiences, portfolio products and digital badges associated with My.Future can all become part of your developmental strategy. 

However, My.Future is about much more than Essentials, which provides this grounding. It's also about helping members gain skill and expertise in the technology pathways ("extensions") that interest them most. For example, if your members would like to learn how to code, start with My.Future Essentials, move through Game Tech, and then help your members explore Khan Academy or Code Academy. If instead your members enjoy Robotics, why not explore RoboTech and then, First Lego League?