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What is the Internet?10.000000000000015.00000000000005.0000000000000010.00000000000005.0000000000000010.00000000000005.0000000000000010.0000000000000<div class="ExternalClass6BEE208D874544D7996CF6FBACCAD783"><p>A “Do now” is something that members can do when they enter the room. Write the exercise, below, on a whiteboard or other surface. When students enter the classroom, instruct them to start the “Do now” activity. This helps focus them on the class session, rather than on the class-to-class transition. <br><br> Give the members the handout (see below for link) or provide a sheet of paper, and then have them do the following: </p><ul><li><p> Activity 1a: Draw the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Internet. (5 minutes)</p></li><li><p> Activity 1b: Flip your paper over and draw a map of how you imagine the Internet. Where are you located in the map? (5 minutes)</p></li></ul> </div><div class="ExternalClassE2FE1AFE14104E1B85946C48504B5751"><p>When the time is up, ask members to share their Internet drawings and explain their vision. Have each member take a turn and go through each activity. </p><ul><li><p> Activity 2a: First thing that comes to mind.</p></li><ul><li><p> In what ways are images in the drawings similar?</p></li><li><p> Did any member draw something different than the rest? What did they draw and why?</p></li></ul><li><p> Activity 2b: Map of the Internet.</p></li><ul><li><p> Ask members, “Why did you illustrate the Internet that way” to better understand their assumptions and perspectives.</p></li></ul></ul> </div><div class="ExternalClass8C28EB0E75424B92AC3A5A6C8E8AEFC1"><p>​In this activity, we want to stress the distinction between the Internet and the World Wide Web. Ask members to consider what is the difference between the Internet and a Web page. <br><br> Ask members to name all of the things that can connect, share or transfer over the Internet. Example answers may include Web pages, music, movies, phone calls, ATM bank transfers, television, or radio. </p></div><div class="ExternalClass6582247B22964E0CBACD621503FAE290"><p>Conclude by asking members to talk about the other things that can be connected to the Internet. What devices can they name? Examples may include iPads, refrigerators, light bulbs, hotel heating systems and even medical devices! ​</p></div><div class="ExternalClassD5FD1C805C9F4976967765E0D221F198"><p>​​Members should scan or photograph their work to save it digitally. Remind members to give the file a clear name and date when saving and uploading files to their online portfolio, e.g., Internet-Map-5-12-2014.doc Help members identify useful organization methods, such as assigning tags to files and creating folders. <br> <br> The product of this activity counts toward their Beginner badge.​</p></div>/Lists/Coach/Flat.aspx?RootFolder=%2FLists%2FCoach%2FWhat%27s%20the%20Internet&FolderCTID=0x01200200F3733329C0533443AE0C3B756D148148