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About My.Future

Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is transforming the way we use technology in our Clubs. My.Future is BGCA's platform to support STEM learning and exploration and is supported by Comcast NBCUniversal, a global media and technology company. It entirely replaces the "Club Tech" suite of programs. Skill Tech 1 and 2 have been replaced by Digital Literacy Essentials. Clay Tech can be found in "Extensions." Robo Tech has been sunsetted in favor of the Lego Robotics instructions that accompany each EV3 kit, and we have expanded the variety of coding programs into a pathway (again, see "Extensions").

Club staff will be provided with fun and engaging project-based teaching experiences to help youth:

  • Understand their media world
  • Identify and develop digital interests
  • Earn certifications as they make progress

My.Future begins with "Digital Literacy Essentials," a suite of staff-facilitated project-based experiences that provide members of all ability levels with a foundation of technology skills.

When members have accumulated a defined number of project-based outcomes, as evidenced by their digital portfolio products and (at the advanced levels) an in-person presentation to their peers, they qualify for signed, certified, BGCA digital badges. These digital badges can be showcased online, shared with peers or added to a member's resume to indicate their technical competency.

In addition, members can pursue interest pathways through Extensions, which allow instructional coaches and members to dive into specific topics of interest. Topics of interest may be technical or computer based; including robotics, game design and even online journalism. If members really enjoy logic, then a next possible step could be to promote robotics programming, or even to engage and build interest in competing in the First Lego League competition. Or, if members enjoy the logic of programming, they might like to explore introductions to coding through building a game, learning code through Khan Academy, or even using Code Academy to build experience in a formal programming language.

Please contact us with your questions.