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About Badges

What are badges?

A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, competency, skill or quality. It is similar to the paper certificates one receives upon school graduation, participation in an event or successful completion of a course. The chief difference between the traditional paper certificates and a digital badge lies within its portability. A digital badge is an image file, and can be easily shared. Yet, a digital badge is much more than an image file. Within its code, a digital badge contains hidden, encrypted data with information on its owner, its origin, the criteria required to earn it and a link to the documentation that confirms it was successfully earned. Thus, the performance task, criteria and evidence all become accessible to educators, employers and others who may want to understand more about a student, candidate employee or volunteer.

My.Future provides Staff the option to utilize digital or paper (printable) badges. Both badge types (digital and paper) are acceptable for use with the My.Future program.

How are badges used with My.Future Essentials?

To earn My.Future Essentials badges, members must demonstrate progressive, broadly-based levels of digital competence. Members who are awarded all three My.Future Essentials badges will be positioned to explore, build and communicate in their digital world. They will be able to perform in manners consistent with the high expectations of school and the entry-level workforce, and be more resilient to technological advances. Finally, the intent of My.Future Essentials is to expose members to areas that may capture their further interest, and lead to the development of digital expertise along technical pathways.

Digital Badges (members 13 and older)

Staff members at Clubs can issue digital badges to members by email through the Coach/Staff log-in feature of the My.Future. Members must be at least 13 years of age to earn a digital badge, and must have, or wish to have, a personal email address. Digital badges utilize personal email address to ensure portability.

Once a digital badge has been issued to an email address, a member can optionally upload their digital badge to an Open Badge Backpack. The Open Badge Backpack is an open and private portfolio run by the Mozilla Foundation that allows individuals to store, and if they wish, publicly display their badges.

Badges can also be uploaded to an increasing number of portfolio systems. There are also opportunities to upload digital badges to LinkedIn. Use of these systems is optional and will require members to register personal accounts.

Printable Badges (members 13 and under)

Staff members at Clubs can print paper badges through the Coach/Staff log-in feature of the My.Future. Paper badges can be issued to members under 13, or in instances when Staff do not want to utilize memebers' personal e-mail addresses.